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Title Examinations in Duplin County Real Estate

In a real estate transaction, title examinations are one of the primary elements that must be handled in a proper manner. The purpose of a title examination is to ensure that the seller of the property is the person who has the legal authority to pass title to the property and to assess whether encumbrances exist.

Anything which could give any party other than the seller an interest in the property is considered an encumbrance. An examination will assess whether there are unpaid tax liens, judgment liens, or other restrictions against the title of the property. Speak with our Duplin County real estate transaction attorneys today for further information on your particular transaction.

Title Examination

Title examinations take place when a property is under contract. Typically, but depending on the terms of the real estate sale contract signed by the parties, if the title examination reveals something that could be detrimental to the buyer or that may cause the buyer to get something less than a good title to the property, the buyer may be given the opportunity to terminate the sale.

An examination is important so that the buyer does not obtain a property that either partially or fully belongs to another individual or carries unpaid debts which could lead to another individual claiming ownership. At Hunter & Price, P.A., we can review the history of ownership, which is called the chain of the title. As qualified lawyers, our inspection will include a review of the documents that make up the property's chain of title, like deeds, easements, deeds of trust, and estates.

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Every time you purchase real estate, a title examination of that property should be performed. A defective title exists when a real estate property's title is invalid because the last title holder did not actually have free, clear, and unencumbered title. To avoid acquiring a defective title, the chain of title can be examined with the assistance of our firm. Prior to purchasing property, you should hire a Wallace attorney to search the chain of title to obtain a report for your benefit.

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