Can You No Longer Work Due To A Long-Term Disability? You May Qualify For Federal SSD Benefits

Social Security Disability

Social Security Disability Representation from Our Duplin County Lawyers

If you can no longer work due to a long-term disability, you may qualify for federal Social Security disability (SSD) benefits. The United States Social Security Administration has allowed this type of insurance for individuals who are suffering from disabilities which may hinder their ability to return to their jobs.

Our Kenansville, North Carolina, law firm has extensive experience with Social Security disability and can be a beneficial resource. At Hunter & Price, P.A, we have helped many people from across the Coastal Plains understand their benefits and navigate the process. Our Duplin County personal injury attorneys can help you understand the program and how it benefits your specific circumstance.

Benefits Basics

If you sustained a permanent injury or medical condition, you may qualify for Social Security disability. The federal government, through the Social Security Administration (SSA), provides benefits to help bridge the gap between your lost wages and medical expenses. The SSA has discretion over deciding if your condition qualifies for Social Security disability.

The application process is important, because any minor mistakes can cause you to face a denied claim. Appropriate documentation and medical records are required to help prove your disability. It is important to consult with an experienced Kenansville Social Security disability attorney to help you accurately complete the application.

Application Follow-Up

Several administrative steps may be necessary to complete your application process. If the SSA denies your application at any stage in the process, you may need to prove your case through an administrative hearing. You will have to satisfy several requirements to prove that you are qualified to receive benefits under this program.

Both the work requirements and the disability requirements will have to be carefully assessed to ensure that you are qualified. Your application process may be very complex and confusing. From the start to finish, we can help you successfully fulfill each step. Our lawyers can follow your application through the hearing process until you are granted benefits. Our firm's goal is for you to receive SSD benefits for your permanent disability.

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