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Domestic Violence

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Even the strongest of relationships can succumb to the stresses of everyday life. When matters become particularly heated, bouts of domestic violence may occur. If this has happened between you and your spouse or partner, our Duplin County family lawyer from Hunter & Price, P.A. can help you find a resolution to your disputes.

We truly care about you and your family. We are not here to pit one against the other and make matters worse. Our Kenansville and Wallace family law attorneys are here to guide you to an end that brings you peace of mind and comfort, even after going through a traumatic or dangerous experience such as domestic violence.

Protective Orders in Domestic Violence Cases

Sometimes the only way to feel at ease after going through a domestic violence incident is to filKenansvillee for a domestic violence protective order. This does not necessarily mean that your marriage is coming to an end through divorce or that matters are irreparable. It means that you need time away from one another for your own safety, and you need to guarantee that distance through courtroom intervention.

How Can Domestic Violence Affect Divorce?

When it comes to children of a marriage, the presiding judge will rule in favor of what appears to be best for the children after divorce. In cases involving a domestic violence incident, it is often determined that custody with the aggressor parent is no longer in the best interest of the children.

If you have been accused of domestic violence, you might stand to lose a great portion of your parental rights. On the other hand, if you have been a victim of domestic violence, you should assert your parental rights to protect your children. Let us help you to do so.

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