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Alimony in North Carolina

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One of the issues that a couple must sort out in their divorce agreement is the payment of alimony. Without the assistance of a skilled divorce lawyer, this subject can quickly cause tensions to flare and escalate beyond control. The Duplin County family law law attorneys at Hunter & Price, P.A. are here to make sure that this doesn't happen. With our dedicated legal counsel, we can help you work together with your spouse towards an amicable and jointly acceptable solution.

What is Alimony?

Alimony, also known as spousal support, is monetary payment for the support and maintenance of a former spouse. This can either be one lump sum or a continuous series of payments. This is usually paid by the "supporting" spouse to the "dependent spouse," or from the person with higher income to the other. The terms of this can be determined either out of court or through court involvement.

If a court decision is required, alimony will be determined according to:

  • The presence of marital misconduct
  • Incomes of the spouses
  • Ages of the spouses
  • Duration of the marriage
  • The needs of each spouse

Alimony can be one of the most contentious topics for divorcing couples to agree upon. With our firm's legal knowledge, we can simplify this process and help you negotiate with your spouse towards a mutually agreeable arrangement.

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A divorce can be an incredibly stressful time. At Hunter & Price, P.A., our firm's Kenansville and Wallace, NC divorce lawyers can help carry some of the burden with our exceptional guidance and comforting support. You do not have to go through your divorce alone, and we are committed to preserving your well-being.

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