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Medicaid Estate Planning from Our Duplin County Attorneys

As you or a loved one build an estate plan, one of the most important aspects is planning for future eligibility for Medicaid. Medicaid estate planning is one of the aspects of the estate planning process that need be considered to ensure one's future care is provided for and that their assets are protected in the event that the individual needs long-term care, the cost of which can be crippling financially. For example, the average cost of nursing level long-term care in North Carolina is $6,300 per month. This type of financial burden has the potential to quickly wipe out a lifetime of saving if not planned for properly.

You will want your estate planning documents to help prepare for the possibility that you or your loved one may need to qualify for Medicaid in the future without putting at risk all of your life savings. At Hunter & Price, P.A., we encourage you to contact our firm as soon as possible to begin pursuing eligibility. We can help you achieve peace of mind with the knowledge that your finances will be secure when you become a senior citizen.

As your Kenansville lawyer, we can get involved in your case from the start by ensuring that your estate plan takes these important issues into consideration during the planning process. In addition, we can also review an existing estate plan and offer recommendations to improve your readiness Medicaid eligibility.

We can review your planned gifts, asset transfers, homeownership, and basic Medicaid eligibility. If you are not sure where you stand regarding these issues, you are advised to obtain legal advice on the proper creation of an estate plan. At Hunter & Price, P.A., your financial future is our highest concern. With a free initial case evaluation, we can begin the pursuit of a proactive plan toward maximizing your eligibility for Medicaid and protecting your assets.

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Our legal team will leave no stone unturned as we seek excellent results for your circumstance. We know the value of being proactive about Medicaid planning and ensuring that every asset is thoroughly protected. We can help individuals who possess sizable estates preserve both exempt and unexempt assets with a comprehensive Medicaid plan. Sometimes, these plans employ the use of Medicaid or DRA compliant Annuities.

We can help you select the right annuities and to get the annuities in place. During a free case evaluation, our Duplin County estate planning lawyers can discuss the available options for Medicaid estate planning and help prepare for your future.

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As soon as you are prepared to begin Medicaid planning, our firm can help you prepare an estate plan that works in your favor. You should not hesitate to begin preparing. The sooner you begin, the better, so that you can fully maximize your eligibility. If you wait until Medicaid becomes an immediate need, you will likely be ineligible and not be allowed to benefit from this program. We can help you get started to prepare for the future. We can develop a plan to redistribute your assets so that they are not taken into account when considering eligibility for Medicaid.

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