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Looking for a Second Chance at Freedom?

If a decision was made regarding your case that does not work in your favor, you may be able to appeal the result. The Court of Appeals is the intermediate appellate court in North Carolina. Proceedings that occur in trial courts can be reviewed to assess possible errors made during the legal process. If you would like to appeal your case or want guidance as to whether your case should be appealed, speak with a Duplin County attorney from our firm. The process of appealing a court verdict requires a comprehensive knowledge of the law regarding this issue.

The appeals process can be lengthy. Each argument has to be put in writing for the judges. We can help you prepare and present all information while following the mandatory technical rules. All citations from transcripts must be accurately presented. We can help you handle the appeals for any type of criminal case. Our goal is to obtain a reduced sentence or case dismissal.

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At Hunter & Price, P.A., we offer a free case evaluation that can be used to discuss the various aspects of your case. If there is a chance that a court decision was made in error or you were falsely charged, we can guide you through the appeals process for an additional chance at freedom.

Appealing a court decision is a difficult process that requires knowledgeable legal guidance from start to finish. The first step of an appeal is to closely examine the trial transcript. The court assesses the original case to determine whether or not an error was made. Your Kenansville appeals lawyer from our firm can use our training to discover what errors took place during trial.

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