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While being arrested and charged with a criminal offense can seem like the end to a positive future, criminal charges do not have to damage your life, obtain effective defense from Hunter & Price, P.A.

With representation from our criminal defense lawyers in your case, you can benefit from knowing you have an aggressive team on your side who can protect your rights and present an effective defense on your behalf.

Depending on the offense, you could face a range of consequences, such as:

  • Jail or prison time
  • Expensive fines
  • Loss of reputation
  • Loss of certain rights
  • Loss of current or future employment

Securing the legal representation of one of our defense attorneys can help you achieve a successful result. We may be able to have your charges reduced or present an argument to have your case dismissed.

Our Approach to Your Case

At our firm, we provide full and comprehensive legal representation when trying to achieve freedom for our clients.

Here's how we will approach your case:

  • We thoroughly analyze each aspect of a client's case to ensure that nothing is missed or left out of the defense strategy. Even small details, such as false evidence and witness testimony, can have a major impact on a case. With the knowledge that we possess, we can thoroughly examine your case to build a defense strategy on your behalf.
  • We will zealously advocate to minimize the negative consequences related to a criminal charge.
  • A criminal case can be handled in a variety of ways, and we can help you assess any alternatives to resolve your case before trial. Our legal team can help you explore all of your options to help you get the best possible disposition.

We believe that each case is unique and therefore, all facts must be examined to gain a solid perception of the case. Close examination can aid in your defense and help you during all phases of the case. If we find a critical issue that should be raised before or during trial, we can use this in our defense strategy on your behalf. Overall, our goal is to help you secure the best outcome possible for your specific issue.

We Offer Personalized Representation

If you choose to seek representation from Hunter & Price, P.A. we can help you fight the charges against you in a personalized manner. As you search for the right criminal defense attorney, you will need someone who approaches your case in a unique fashion. We believe that a cookie-cutter approach will not yield the result you need. The tailored approach to defense that we offer sets us apart from other firms.

Moreover, we know that every case needs to be addressed in a different manner than a case that begins at the point of arrest. We are dedicated to helping our clients seek the best solutions for their cases, which begins with a detailed discussion of the circumstances of the alleged criminal offense.

Here are some of the common cases that we handle:

If you've already been convicted, then we can help you appeal your case or get your record expunged!

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If you hire our Duplin County defense attorneys to represent you during your case, we can act as your guide through all stages of the legal process. In order to ensure that you are given proper direction and remain informed, we remain in constant dialogue throughout the case.

If you have been charged with a criminal offense of any kind, we direct you to the free case evaluation form to get started on your case. We can help you obtain the best result possible, whether that includes negotiation of a disposition or litigation.

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