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"Will I Be Alright?" What to Ask Your Doctor After a Car Crash

For so many people who are seriously injured in a car accident, the number one concern is not their own health but how much it will cost them, for steep medical bills negatively impact themselves and their families. If you have found yourself in the same troublesome situation, you need to everything you can to improve your chances of receiving fair and maximized compensation, and that includes asking the right questions to your doctor. Without a full understanding of your injuries and medical situation, you cannot expect to get your damages covered in full.

Here's a list of the most important questions you should be asking your doctor after a car accident:

  1. How extensive are my injuries?
    Many people don't feel the full extent of their injuries, or they are not told them upfront because a doctor doesn't want to risk upsetting them. Full disclosure is a must if you want to improve your impending personal injury claim. Ask your doctor to explain all of the injuries and symptoms they have been able to identify so far, and get all of that in writing.
  2. Will my injuries worsen over time?
    A doctor's prognosis is critical for personal injury claims, as it can explain how much medical treatment will cost now and far into the future. Once again, some doctors try to sugarcoat prognoses to keep patients calm, but you really do need to know it straight. Ask them to create a detailed report on what you can expect as far as your recovery and lingering debilitations.
  3. How much time should I get off work?
    You need time to rest and heal now more than ever, but don't expect your employer to just hand it over to you. You need to ask them for time off work, and that begins with you asking your doctor how much rest and relaxation is necessary. Get a doctor's note that accounts for expected recovery time and a little extra in case injuries worsen. If your employer denies your request, try to get that denial in writing, as it could also prove useful for your case.
  4. Can I get copies of my medical record?
    Thoroughness is key to any personal injury claim. Your medical records will be a treasure trove of details describing your injury, your expected maximum medical improvement (MMI), what treatments are needed, how your injury likely occurred, and so on. Ask your doctor for a copy of everything recent; you will probably be directed to a clerk.

Once you have all the information you need from your doctor, it is time to put it all together and take some action. Call (888) 721-2338 to connect with Hunter & Price, P.A. and our Duplin County car accident attorneys. During a free case evaluation, we can explain how our compassionate and highly-knowledgeable injury lawyers can help you strengthen your claim.