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North Carolina, like other states, employs a juvenile justice system which differs from the criminal court system which handles adults. If you are the parent of a juvenile who has not yet reached the age of 18 and who has been accused of some type of offense, getting legal assistance can give you the understanding and support you need. You will undoubtedly be worried about your child's future and how a juvenile offense will impact his or her life.

At Hunter & Price, P.A. we understand your concerns. As attorneys experienced in the practice area of criminal defense in Duplin County, we can explain the procedures that may follow and provide the legal representation you need to help resolve your child's case in the most favorable manner.

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What will happen after my child is charged with a crime in North Carolina?

Juveniles are not arrested in North Carolina but taken into temporary custody after a complaint has been made. Unlike an adult, juveniles are not tried before a jury but will appear before a judge who will make an adjudication as to the consequences. Complaints against juveniles are based on the accusation that he or she has been undisciplined or delinquent.

Undisciplined juveniles are those who have either been accused of absenteeism from school, regularly disobedient to parents or guardians, regularly found in places where it's unlawful for them to be, or have run away from home for more than 24 hours. Complaints of delinquency are based on the accusation of having committed an offense that violates state or local laws. These are offenses that would result in the arrest of an adult.

Juveniles as young as 13 who are accused of committing felonies may be prosecuted as adults in state courts. Whether a juvenile is tried as an adult or remains in the juvenile justice system will be decided by the District Court. In the case of a delinquency complaint, the juvenile must be represented by an attorney.

After a complaint is made against a juvenile, he or she may be taken into temporary custody by law enforcement so as to investigate the complaint. Before questioning, juveniles are advised of their rights, such as the right to remain silent, the right to an attorney, and the understanding that anything said may be used against him or her later.

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To fully understand all of the procedures related to the juvenile justice system and what may or may not happen with your child, you should consult with an experienced Duplin County juvenile crime attorney at our firm as soon as possible. We will work vigorously to keep your child's case within the juvenile justice system and to bring about a resolution that will be the most beneficial. Contact us for a free case review to get started today.

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