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Getting Your Criminal Record Sealed in Duplin County

Every state has a process for sealing a criminal record, which means that the arrest and criminal justice actions which followed are essentially erased. Criminal records often bar those who have them from life opportunities such as:

  • home loans and other credit
  • educational admittance
  • job placements or career advancements
  • housing
  • state professional licenses.

With an expungement of your criminal record, a future employer, landlord, or other agency will not have access to this information on a routine background check. With the help of a Duplin County expungement lawyer at the criminal defense firm of Hunter & Price, P.A. you may be able to obtain this critical advantage for your future.

Our firm is dedicated to helping those who have been criminally accused to achieve the best possible case outcomes. If you have a criminal record, you may be eligible for an expungement. Our firm can review your situation and, if you are eligible, we can handle the court procedure to help you achieve your goal.

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How to Get an Expungement in North Carolina

Once your criminal record has been expunged, it will no longer be accessible to the general public. On any application or in any screening you will be legally justified in not exposing the information concerning your expunged record. The only record that will remain is one that is accessible only to state judges in an Administrative Office of the courts. You are allowed only one expungement in your lifetime; this administrative record permits state judges to ensure that no previous expungements for any applicant have been processed.

North Carolina has many state laws regarding various types of expungements which are permitted. These include expungements such as:

  • criminal records for minors whose crimes were committed prior to the age of 18
  • the expungement of certain misdemeanor and felony convictions without age limitation
  • expungements of Records of Undisciplined or Delinquent Juveniles
  • the expungement of Certain Dismissed Drug Offenses for First Offenders Not Over 21
  • expungement of certain larceny offenses.

All of these record sealings are subject to specific rules and eligibility requirements. For instance, sex-related offenses, major drug crimes and other major felonies are generally not qualified for expungement.

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